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Welcome to Live Love, Love Life

The next big bang!

The LIVE LOVE TECHNOLOGY launches you into a totally new reality. Like you’ve lived a life in black & white so far… and are being swayed into a colourful world now. By optimal and simultaneous use of your brain and feeling you too become the ultimate master of your body, health and life.

Discover the world-unique LIVE LOVE TECHNOLOGY in weekly 3D-Meditation sessions, personal coaching and online video’s.

Our other inspiring activities also start from in-depth feeling: join Live Love Yoga and Live Love Touch.

Are you ready for the new you?

Warm welcome to everyone. Everything is based upon a fair price principle.

EXTRA health boost: heavenly tastes from the Live Love Kitchen, Super Waters and EM (Effective Micro-organisms).


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There are no fixed prices here at the Live Love Inspiration*centre. We believe that all people possess empathy and a sense of righteousness – we would like to encourage this through our fair price principle. With this we encourage people to be fair regarding money matters. 


7 people who live the power of love. Our team is a unique synergy of backgrounds, nationalities and talents. We like to share the fun and happiness in our lives with others. We’re very much looking forward to meeting you.

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Best wishes,

Annouchka, Christophe, Iris, Kaat, Lucia, Sarah, Sophie

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Are you looking for a beautiful space in Antwerp? Then you can come to us. We provide other people and organisations the chance to make use of our centre’s spacious, bright room. Read more.

What people say about the LIVE LOVE TECHNOLOGY:

“To me the 3D-Meditation is a technique that has become a way of life. It takes a lot of courage to dare to break with old patterns and to really look inside. But after everything I have achieved with it (in 4 years time) it’s all worth it! It changed my life tremendously – in a very constructive way; to experience that you are always in control of your emotions and experiences is very hope-giving and motivating. It motivates me to constantly practice it. You learn how to help yourself – without any outside help. There’s no-one else who can do this for you. It makes you completely independent from everything and everyone. In my opinion the 3D-Technique should be taught at schools and during all therapies. It literally is the foundation for everything.”

Catherine D, 38, Antwerpen

Kaat handed me through the 3D-Meditation the tools to transform emotional blocks. It made it possible for me to totally transform a years-old, tremendous emotional and energetical problem. I received practical tools which can be applied at any time. When you are really dedicated you can literally create a miracle in a very short time; it feels like a years and years old shield is being cut loose so you can finally reach your core. With other words; you finally become the person who you choose to be, the “I” you are truly happy with, and not the product of your past or upbringing. It is such a wondrous feeling that I firstly pinched myself in the arm to feel: “Is this real, and permanent?” And yes it is, it is real, and it lasts – what a joyous feeling”

Anita S, 73, Antwerpen

Knowing, feeling and steering from the inside out.”

Hilda M, 65, Buggenhout